Structural Engineering Consultancy

We provide consultancy services on structural issues of existing or planned building structures, developing or evaluating structural concepts.

Complex Design of Building Structures

We have 20 years of work experience in the field of structural design of new buildings. From concept design to fabric drawings, we aspire to find the best available structural solution for each project individually. The use of BIM allows us to ensure the quality of communication during design development.

Structural Expert Opinion

Following Hungarian Engineering Chamber regulations in building transformations, expansions or reconstruction, we evaluate the condition of the existing load bearing structure and develop technical solutions if problems are discovered

Structural Assessment of Historic Buildings

Proper handling of historical building structures is a sensitive issue both architecturally and structurally. Based on our experience and respect for traditions, we are willing to take our share.

Independent Structural Design Review

The goal of the independent design check is to secure the proper feasibility and quality of the planned structural design, regarding both engineering and economical aspects.