To design a structure is to play with force, geometry and balance.

Lapidárium Engineering Ltd is specialized in the design of load bearing structures, from concept design to the preparation execution drawings according to Eurocode. Based on our 20 years long design field experience with reinforced concrete, steel, timber and glass structures, we continuously looking for renewing our professional thinking, and reflect the beauty of structures as a part of architecture.

We believe that future of structural design belongs to those, who are experts in new technologies such as integrated BIM design and the same time understand the structural evolutions through historical buildings. Structural design has something in common with watchmaking. Watches show the invisible time, while structures can reflect the invisible forces. This delicate connection can be reflected in structurally open architectural design. At Lapidarium we consider the structural design not just a task to be completed in time and quality, but also a chance for a serious intellectual play. Community play that provides the joy of creation on the individual level and results in good engineering-economical-aesthetic-ecological quality of the designed facility.


Structural Engineering Consultancy

Complex Design of Building Structures

Structural Expert Opinion

Structural Assessment of Historic Buildings

Independent Structural Design Review


Zoltán V. Nagy

lead structural engineer - CEO, founder

Áron Dawson

structural engineer

Virág Fenyvesi

structural engineer


100 Wonders of Parametric World Youtube series is intended to be an interesting journey for engineers to explore how parametric design can extend structural thinking and creative power. Each episode introduces a mini design project solved in Rhino+Grashopper programs.


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